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There are 114 graduates in the Key-Lab, including 46 for Ph.D. and 68 for M.Sc., containing 6 foreign students and 4 graduates co-supervised by American, German, Belgium and Russian professors.

The strength is obvious in training students in various desciplines in the Key-Lab. By means of graduates joining in the projects and the co-supervisions with foreign professors, the graduates have quickly incresed the ability for independent carrying out the research. work.

Eight graduates in the Dept. of Paleontology have achieved in the studies of Late Cretaceous biota of Heilongjiang, the Late brachiopod fauna of Heilongjiang, the Jurassic flora from the Junggar Basin of Xinjiang, the Titanosauridae dinosaurs of Jiutai of Jilin, and the conodonds fossils in Carboniferous of Benxi, Liaoning Province.

With the promoting of the projects on study of oil shale resource evaluations of China headed by Prof. Liu Z.J., the graduates in the Dept. of Paleoenvironment & Fossil fuels have become execellent researchers and young specialists for the project work. A lot of high level research achievements in the field of oil shale have been gained in this department, including 3 awards of science and technology progress of the MLRC and Jilin Province during 2007-2008. They have published 112 paqpers in which 6 with SCI index and 1 with EI index.

Three professors have been training the graduates in the Dept. of Bio-Archaeology which mede more contributions to the studies of physical anthropology of ancient human being in Xinjiang, of the Han Denasty Toms and of the 3-D virtual reconstructions on the ancient people faces. The collection has 3000 pieces of the ancient Human bones, which is largest in number in the universities of China.

The Lab of Molecular Biology is the first lab in Chinas universities for study of the DNA of ancient human being. Under the leadership of Prof. Zhou H., the Lab has gained achievements In the studies of ancient human being DNA, the Sheeps origin and its place in China, and the evolution oof ancient horses, etc. In 2007 the Lab published 28 papers including 12 with SCI index.


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